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Happy Together Influencer: Hosico

Hosico the cat shot to internet fame when his owner started posting pictures of his adorable escapades on Instagram. Years later, that little golden kitten aka Fluffy Cheeks has amassed a following of over 500k and his own merchandise — he even has his own cuddly toy!

Despite his fame, his owner states that he has remained a humble kitty who spends his days eating, sleeping and playing.

He favours small spaces to take naps in (bowls and shoe boxes are preferred) and likes to be entertained regularly with new toys.

Hosico’s human knew he would be loved by all because he’s fluffy, cute and has memorising peepers that rival the cartoon cats of the world (Puss In Boots from Shrek comes to mind).

Let’s take a look and see what makes this happy cat so irresistible…

Those big, green eyes…

He gives the people what they want by posing with his cuddly toy look alike

He embraces (rare for a celeb) and thoroughly enjoys his birthday celebration

How he travels in style

How much he enjoys fitting into the smallest spaces

The fact that his favourite toy is rope. Sometimes its the simple things.

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