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Expert Q&A: How to help a cat who isn't eating

shutterstock_675961159Is your kitty turning their nose up at dinner? Sometimes it’s hard to know why your puss isn’t hungry and you can feel helpless when they refuse to eat - despite your best efforts!

Don’t worry! We’ve put together this helpful guide to why your cat may have temporarily lost their appetite - and how you can help them regain it.

Time for a check-up!

A cat that stops eating its usual amount of food - when the type of food hasn’t changed - could be trying to tell you that something is wrong.

It could be that something in their environment is putting them on edge, or it could be an indication of a physical problem - so it’s important to visit your vet to figure out if there are any underlying causes. There are a number of different medical conditions that can cause kitty to over or under-eat!

Is it an environmental issue?shutterstock_525011341

If kitty gets the all-clear from the vet, then it’s likely that there is something amiss in your cat’s environment that is bothering them.

Cats don’t like sudden changes or disruptions to their territory, and if your kitty feels disturbed or insecure they will eat less. Your moggy likes everything to be kept in the special places they have decided on - and they certainly don’t like it if someone interferes with their system! So if they recently stayed at a cattery that they didn’t enjoy, this could cause a reduction in appetite.  

They’re also very particular about where they eat, and don’t like any changes or scary elements in this area. Is their food bowl near a noisy washing machine or clanging kitchen sounds? You should always try and keep your pussy’s dining place in a safe and quiet area that is always available and easily accessible.

If you are changing your kitty’s food, try and do it gradually so it’s easier to adjust - and always try to give them their preferred food. Don’t forget - all cats love consistency, and yours is no exception!

Is it a social issue?

Is your kitty the only animal in your home? If not, this could be causing your cat to avoid their usual dining spot - especially if there is a dog on the prowl! You need to make sure their bowls aren’t too close to each other.

If there are multiple cats and there seems to be tension between them, this could be a result of a lack of resources causing competition over the limited amount of food. One of your cats could be avoiding eating so they don’t upset the other moggy!

You can steer clear of competition in a multi-cat household by making sure there is a bowl of food and water for each cat. If conflict arises, then try moving the bowls further apart!FELIWAY_Lightening bolt between cat and dog_withoutlogo

How FELIWAY® can help

FELIWAY® Classic sends ‘comforting messages’ to your cat to help reduce the worries that may be causing them to lose their appetite. It makes them feel more secure and comfortable and will help resume eating as they become happier with their environment (if there isn't a medical reason behind their appetite loss).

Use the FELIWAY® Classic Diffuser to reinforce feelings of calm and reassurance to help your cat regain its appetite so you can be happy together.  Plug the FELIWAY® Classic diffuser in the room your cat visits the most and use continuously for at least a month - refilling every month as needed until your cat feels secure and hopefully starts to eat normally again.

If your cat does not start eating normally again after a week or if any new or unusual symptoms develop (such as vomiting, hiding or vocalising) then you might need to visit your veterinary clinic again.

Find out about FELIWAY CLASSIC Diffuser

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