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How to keep your cat safe on the night

Cats can get overlooked at fireworks time as their signs of fear and anxiety are subtle and therefore owners don’t realise there is a problem. Fireworks will startle cats and therefore this can be a stressful time. Also, they may bolt when fireworks go off and find themselves a long way from home. There are a few things you can do on the night to help your cat. These are listed below:

  • Prepare a den or safe place. Hiding and being able to get up high is the most important coping mechanism for your cat to use when they are scared. Make sure to provide plenty of hiding places on the night for them as well as high places where they can retreat to.
  • Check their microchip is working and keep indoors. Ensure cat flaps are locked as well.
  • Provide adequate resources. Food, water and litter trays as they will not be able to pop outside like normal to use the toilet.
  • Close windows and doors and shut curtains. Also have the TV or radio on. This will help to mask the noises and flashes from fireworks.
  • A FELIWAY® CLASSIC Diffuser can be used to provide a reassuring environment in the area they choose to spend most time in. FELIWAY® CLASSIC Spray can also be applied to their bedding or in hiding places on the night to provide additional support.
  • In a multi-cat house-hold a FELIWAY® FRIENDS diffuser can be used alongside FELIWAY® CLASSIC to help reduce any conflicts and aggression between housemates.

Cats Protection produced this informative video summarising all of the information above.

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