Understand your cat

8 surprising ways your cat tells you they love you

Cats love humans more than we realise. Unlike dogs, cats don’t greet their owners with wagging tails and sloppy kisses, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have genuine affection for us. They simply express their affection in more subtle ways. All ...

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Cat Travel: Everything you need to know

Cats love their routine, their comfort, and their territory. It is completely opposite to the purpose of cat carriers in which you break your cat’s ...

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Cat stress

Is My Cat Scared Of Loud Noises & Fireworks?

For most cats, loud and unexpected noises would come top in a list of things that make them unhappy.

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How to keep kitty entertained at home

Cats love having fun JUST as much as we humans do - and sometimes even more! Fortunately, we know all the best ways to keep your fun-loving furballs ...

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Happy together

Growing your feline family: How to do it successfully

If you’re a cat lover then you’ll know how hard it is to stop at having just one. But while we're falling in love with our new feline friend we often ...

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How to help your cat age gracefully

Eventually age gets the better of all of us. But us humans have all sorts of ways of helping our elderly friends. But when it comes to our beloved ...

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Aggression Between Cats: How To Manage Cat Resources Within Your Home

Cats are known as solitary survivors yet a recent survey found that 44% of cat owning households had more than one cat.*

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Help! My cat is a peeing everywhere!

One of the things humans and cats can agree on is that going to the toilet is VERY important - even if we might not like to talk about it!

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F.F.A.Q (FELIWAY Frequently Asked Questions)

We know our lovely FELIWAY fans have some important questions about FELIWAY products to make sure you're getting the best from them. So here are a ...

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Taking Your Cat To The Vet

Going to the vets is not your cats dream day out! Unfortunately for them going to the vets can sometimes mean uncomfortable procedures happening...an ...

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Moving home

Moving house is a BIG deal for your cat.

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