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What's Your Cat Character? Your cat is dominant!


Your cat is extremely confident and self-assured, however because of this they may not always play nicely with other cats.

If you have a multi-cat household, it is important to make sure each cat is equipped with their own food and water bowl, litter tray and scratching post, to ensure that they are all happy. Place the resources apart to avoid conflicts from occurring as your dominant cat is less tolerant of others and could potentially hog the resources.


If you live in a multi-cat household and conflicts have arisen between your cats then consider using FELIWAY FRIENDS, plug this in to help reduce conflicts between cats and prevent signs such as chasing, blocking or staring. Helps your cats get along better at home and maintain constant harmony.
Feliway Friends Diffuser
If you have a dominant cat you can help them by ensuring they get plenty of play, exercise, attention, and mental stimulation to help relieve and vent energy. Also, try to stick to an everyday schedule to make your cat feel in control and more content with their daily. Using FELIWAY CLASSIC could help your cat become more relaxed, calm and feel good in their environment and make sure your cat is as happy as can be and strengthen your relationship with your cat.

 Feliway Classic Diffuser


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